Artist & Marketing Strategist

I am an artist and marketing strategist based in Minneapolis. In both my professional and artist endeavors, I believe in developing a mindful creative process that leads to insightful and engaging media.

As an artist, my current projects focus on mapping, documenting and creating art about idiosyncratic green spaces, public parks and pedestrian infrastructure. I publish a monthly newsletter focusing on these projects, urbanism, and mindfulness.

My photography work has encompassed both personal field projects and editorial efforts focused on promoting contemporary photographers and photobooks. I'm the co-author of Photographers’ Sketchbooks, which offers an inside view of how leading photographers conceive, develop and present projects.

Past projects include LPV Magazine and The LPV Show, a podcast about photographers and photobooks, which developed a devoted following in the photobook world.

In my current role at Nahan, a direct marketing agency located in St. Cloud, I work as a marketing specialist, developing sales enablement strategies and collaborating on branding initiatives to drive agency growth.

My marketing career has led me to work with leading companies, including PR Newswire, Variety Magazine, B&H Photo, Shutterstuck and Easyship, where I have developed growth-driven strategies focusing on customer education, storytelling, and industry thought leadership.

Creative Projects