Photography Projects

My artistic work has encompassed both personal field projects and editorial efforts focused on promoting contemporary photographers and photobooks. From 2007-2013, I published 7 issues of LPV Magazine in print and online.

From 2015-2016, I hosted the LPV Show, a podcast about photographers and photobooks. In 2014, I co-authored Photographers’ Sketchbooks, which offers an inside view of how leading photographers conceive, develop and present projects.

My personal projects focus on ritual walking, pedestrian infrastructure and urban green spaces. I started making photographs in Los Angeles in 2005 as a method of exploring the new city, and have since created several series as well as three artist books.


Queens, New York, 2013-2014

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The LPV Show

A podcast about photography and photobooks 2014-2015

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Genesee Ave

Los Angeles, California, 2006-2007

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