Marketing Portfolio

I’m a Content Strategist with experience at leading companies such as Shutterstock, B&H Photo, Printique by Adorama and Easyship

My expertise includes editorial production & planning, SEO, social media strategy, photo editing and and podcast production.

Below are project highlights from career.

Shutterstock Instagram


Led Instagram strategy and daily curation for Shutterstock Now and Shutterstock.

Highlights include:

  • Increased followers 30% and engagement 40% by increasing production through workflow optimization, insights from data analysis, and diversifying curation.
  • Social Media Editor for live tentpole events including the Academy Awards, Golden Globes and Met Gala
  • Implemented InstaStories strategy, experimenting with different styles by collaborating with creative team.

Shutterstock Editorial

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 5.51.05 PM.png

Managing Editor for Shutterstock Editorial, responsible for daily Instagram and Twitter curation, editing and writing photo round-ups from tentpole events and collaborating with agency partner FeatureShoot on archival features.

Highlights include:

  • Spearheaded the reactivation of dormant social media channels, setting strategy, aligning with VPs on business goals and coordinating features with staff photographers and agency partner.
  • Photo Editor and writer of recaps from tentpole events, including the Academy Awards, US Open and Met Gala.
  • Scaled Shutterstock Now Instagram from 3,000+ followers to 42,000+ through increased daily posting and paid social ads to targeted audience.

Shutterstock Blog

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 12.14.55 PM.png

Managing Editor of the Shutterstock Blog, writing, assigning and editing educational and thought leadership articles focused on design, marketing and photography.


  • Initiated re-launch of Contributor content marketing, collaborating with agency partner FeatureShoot to create weekly educational articles for photographers.
  • Implemented content strategy focused on designers, collaborating with lead writer and agency partner Contently to develop and publish educational articles.
  • Wrote and curated inspiring photo listicles

B&H Photography Podcast


Launched and executive produced the first 35 episodes, collaborating with producer John Harris and host Allan Weitz on story ideas and potential guests.


  • Pitched strategic deck to Senior Marketing Executives, and receiving approval for production.
  • Collaborated with production team on format and topics, establishing a mix of narrative and gear focused episodes.
  • Listed in the 10 of Best Visual Arts podcasts on Apple Podcasts.

B&H Explora

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 12.15.25 PM.png

Managing Editor of Explora, leading a team of four designers and three writers on daily content production, including news, buying guides, reviews and features.


  • Launched Filmmaking and Learn Photography initiatives, managing the production of 40+ content pieces, contributing to a 20% increase in traffic.
  • Conceived Classic Cameras series, creating new merchandising outlet for the B&H Used Department.
  • Initiated evergreen content project, creating buying guides focused on targeted keywords, leading to a 15% increase in search traffic.

Printique by Adorama


Hired to manage content production and social media channels shortly have launch of rebranding from AdoramaPix to Printique.


  • Revitalized Instagram strategy, focusing on collaboration with photography influencers and customers to increase weekly production.
  • Initiated cornerstone content strategy focusing on SEO and educational product guides.
  • Created 20 slide strategic content marketing and social media deck, focusing on cornerstone content, influencer marketing and brand storytelling in the form of a podcast and video series.



Hired as Senior Content Marketing Associate to manage all content creation and social media.


  • Produced cornerstone guide on the fundamentals of crowdfunding.
  • Project managed the editorial production of SEO focused blog content leading to a %21.66 increase in sessions and %2 increase in conversions
  • Produced case studies for clients including Stereogum and SendAFriend.